We are going to America!

We are going to America!


New year is closing in on us and so is a new race, as we decided to go chase the American dream! We are going to conquer a whole new territory for us, Formula SAE Michigan. This year we are the only Finnish team participating and one of the few teams in Europe to get this unique opportunity.

Due to our tight schedules, participation in the race takes us a whole new kind of investment and hard work. We are still going to accept the challenge with great passion as we aim to bring Finland known also in America.

Although we are so excited for the future, the trip’s arrangements require money and it’s giving us grey hair. If you want to support us on this amazing journey, please contact us via e-mail (formula.tamk@tuni.fi) or here on Facebook.


Here you can see some highlights from FSAE Michigan 2019!


Introducing: The Chassis Team

Introducing: The Chassis Team

Santeri Rahkola

Who are you and what is your job in the team?

I’m Santeri Rahkola and this season I’m responsible of designing the chassis and the brakes. In practice I take care of that our car has four spinning wheels.

What are you studying in TAMK?

I study vehicle engineering for the third year and I specialize in automobile and industrial vehicle engineering

How did you end up in the Formula Student team?

I applied to Tampere University of Applied Sciences because of the the Formula Student -project. I joined the team right after my studies began.

What are the main responsibilities in the frame department?

Our main tasks are developing the the suspension and steering geometry. We also design and produce the suspension, steering and brakes by ourselves.

 How would you describe the season from your point of view?

The season starts with designing the chassis. New ideas develop into better ones during the autumn. At Christmas time we’re usually able to produce and order the first components of the chassis. In order to be ready for roll out, the first months of the new year we are extremely busy with producing the required components. In spring and in the beginning of summer we aim test the car as much as possible so that we are sure the geometry of the chassis is working properly.

What benefits you have experienced during this project?

Most of what I’ve learned in school I’ve learned through this project. It’s so much easier to process the things teachers teach us not only by sitting in the theory lessons, but also by doing it with our own hands. The project has given the opportunity to work with students from different areas of study. In addition, we have made many new friends!

Why to choose the frame department?

For the vehicle handling chassis and brakes are the most important parts. If you understand how the chassis and the tires work, you know what is needed for a fast car.

Introducing: The Frame Team

Introducing: The Frame Team

Who are you?

I’m Saku Ekola, and this year I’m the head of frame department.

What do you stydy in TAMK?

I’m third year student of Vehicle Engineering. I specialize in Automobile and Garage Engineering.

How did you end up in the Formula Student Team?

I found the project very interesting! I wanted to learn project skills and I also thought that it would be a great opportunity to find like-minded people.

What are the main responbilities in the frame department?

Designing the frame, calculating stresses and strains for other parts, and assembling the frame.

How would you describe the season from your point of view?

First, we read the rules. Then we start designing and drawing the frame. After designing, the frame will be simulated through Fem. It will tell us the torsional stiffness of the frame and if we need to do some changes to the geometry. Then the frame is manufactured from tubes welded together. When the frame has been assembled, different kinds of treatments will be done, for instance a heat treatment.

What benefits you have experienced?

I have established many contacts to possible work places.

Why to choose the frame department?

I was chosen to be the leader of frame department. If you want to enhance your knowledge in strength of materials in practice, this is ideal for you!

Frame team members: Jyri Temonen (Vehicle Engineering), Saku Ekola (Vehicle Engineering), Jussi Mononen (Vehicle Engineering) ja Jarno Mastomäki (Mechanical Engineering).