About Us

Tampere Formula Student is a motorsport designing team consisting of students from the Tampere Universities community. We compete in the international Formula Student -series against other universities around the globe. The competitions we attend are held in Europe but you can find them anywhere in the world. The goal of the competitions is to educate participating students by letting them run their actual teams and solve real life problems they face. The competition also provides fresh ideas to the current automotive industry. The series is ever growing and is therefore sponsored by big names such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mahle and Bosch.

Structure of the season

We build a new formula style concept vehicle every year. We start designing the car in September and the actual building starts immediately after new years eve. When the car is ready, we do rigorous testing with it and after that we’re ready to start competing. The competitions consist of static and dynamic events. In dynamic events, the car is tested in action based events, and in static events we compete with our car’s “paperwork”: how the car is built, why we’ve made the technical solutions our car has and how the car should be marketed to the public. Marketing also includes a fictional business plan which is presented to the judges in the style of “Shark Tank”.