Introducing: The Frame Team

Introducing: The Frame Team

Who are you?

I’m Saku Ekola, and this year I’m the head of frame department.

What do you stydy in TAMK?

I’m third year student of Vehicle Engineering. I specialize in Automobile and Garage Engineering.

How did you end up in the Formula Student Team?

I found the project very interesting! I wanted to learn project skills and I also thought that it would be a great opportunity to find like-minded people.

What are the main responbilities in the frame department?

Designing the frame, calculating stresses and strains for other parts, and assembling the frame.

How would you describe the season from your point of view?

First, we read the rules. Then we start designing and drawing the frame. After designing, the frame will be simulated through Fem. It will tell us the torsional stiffness of the frame and if we need to do some changes to the geometry. Then the frame is manufactured from tubes welded together. When the frame has been assembled, different kinds of treatments will be done, for instance a heat treatment.

What benefits you have experienced?

I have established many contacts to possible work places.

Why to choose the frame department?

I was chosen to be the leader of frame department. If you want to enhance your knowledge in strength of materials in practice, this is ideal for you!

Frame team members: Jyri Temonen (Vehicle Engineering), Saku Ekola (Vehicle Engineering), Jussi Mononen (Vehicle Engineering) ja Jarno Mastomäki (Mechanical Engineering).